What is foodies?

We are food lovers dedicated to the design and operation of gastronomic experiences in Bogotá, Cartagena and online.

What do we offer?

Gastronomic tours, cooking classes, restaurant tours and experiences for groups that we also custom-design for you.

How does it work?

Explore our experiences, choose your favorite and book it. Ask us if you have any questions, we are here to serve you!

What do you want to taste today?

Choose among our many delicious gastronomic experiences



“A great discovery. Bogotá, its people, its food, ¡Everything! I want to go back.”


“Walking with foodies was like taking a stroll with an old friend who loves Colombia, its food and Gabriel García Márquez.”


“It was the perfect introduction to the culture, neighborhood and brilliant cuisine of the city.”

Elise y Kevin

Why foodies?

We speak your language

All our experiences are told both in English or Spanish.

Local foodies

We are a team of “Foodie insiders” devoted exclusively to the creation of gastronomic experiences.

Food Concierges

Our experiences are guided by food lovers ready to surprise you with their passion and knowledge. Traditional cooks, food journalists and chefs are also available upon request.

From 2 people

We offer experiences for couples, families, groups of friends and corporate groups.


Two national awards and three international prizes make us the most awarded gastronomic experience agency in Colombia.

Be the change

70% of we earn is spent locally. The cost of your trip has a direct positive impact in your destination.

Your next #foodie plan

Explore the flavors of magical realism in the city that inspired him


Three stops to taste the best cups of the world’s mildest coffee


Empanadas Feast

4 recipes from different regions of Colombia prove we’re made of empanadas.


Go for it! Book a foodies experience with us for your next event!


¿How would you like it to be?

Let’s talk about Colombian buñuelo

That delicious fried dough that we have made our own way with different ingredients but …

23 octubre, 2020

With Y of Yucca

That woody-looking cylindrical root hides under its skin the whiteness of an exceptional food

20 octubre, 2020

Do you want to collaborate in foodies?

Do you want to collaborate in foodies?